Monday, May 13, 2019

Be A ITIL Foundation Certifier

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This is My first Technical blog which I am going to share the key points what i have prepared and executed in my Industry and also for the ITIL Foundation Exam.

IT - Information Technology.

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library.(A set of Guidelines and Policies which are becoming the standard for IT Service)

From Large MNC's (Multi National Companies) to Small scale enterprises , IT has become an integral part of Every business operations. Every IT company is following ITIL process to deliver a high expected valued service. ITIL Helps Organizations implement standard process and best practices.

ITIL helps organizations in reducing cost , improving productivity , improving customer satisfaction.

Lets start from scratch What does a service means :

Service : Means of delivering a value to the Customer.

Let us take a real example to understand the term service : 108 service , India Post.

Service is something that public needs , it can be a transport service like Indian railways ,  like Hospitals which are provided in a planned and organized way by the government or an official body.

 If an IT company or an Organization providing a particular service means , they can do a particular job or a type of work for you.

Example : I have a kitchen with lots of unique recipes at my home but i need a Platform to take it to people and to take it to the world where i could go to the IT company to design a platform/App which can make my things visible to the outside world/people. Which means they are going to deliver a service to me.

A kitchen with light gray cupboards and a white countertop, with a grey accents and lots of cupboards.

Now here comes the ITSM - IT Service Management

ITSM is the implementation and management of quality IT services that meet the needs of a business.

To implement and to manage the services in an effective way  Service management has given a
different components and multiple phases of lifecycle.

Life cycle of human beings - Birth - Kid - Teenager - Adult - Old - Death

As every human being has a life cycle , a service is also having a life cycle.
Service -  Plan - Design - Test - checking - Improving

Here are the 5 phases of Service management.

Service Strategy - Service Design - Service transition - Service Operation - Continual Improvement

Service Strategy : 

Before going to the service strategy let us understand the term strategy.

Strategy : Plan or action designed to achieve a long term goal.

It continues ................

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