Thursday, August 22, 2019

First International trip - Maldives

Hey All,
I am back with the International trip experience and the details :

Overwhelmed with my first trip abroad! There has always been a perception, that Maldives is a destination for couples; but it's not. I got a chance to travel with a group of people who are fun loving, active and joyful. 😁

We grouped together to travel with travel khiladi(tours and travels). We had the best travel experienece with them, I can say customer service, safety and guidance are the best qualities of travel khiladi. They took care for us like a big family, by building trust amoung us and helping us all the way till the end of the trip. In the end memories and build on awesome like minded travel companions.

Here is how my plan started :

I was checking for some local trips in meet up group then suddenly I saw a post on a group trip to maldives.Then I contacted the organizer Neha and understood the total itinerary.Though it was my first trip I was a bit nervous and confused about the process. Neha is so friendly and helpful as she helped me understand the complex itenarary and travel formalities with much ease.
                                           Link :
Next, I went ahead and booked my tickets to Maldives which costed me around 28000 INR(I booked quite late) for few members it was around 21K INR. Then the challenge was to get Forex in ashort span of time, which some how I managed to exchage some INR to USD. Remember, you can only use USD or Maldivian Rufiyaa.

Travel Khiladi(Neha) offered me a package which was about 19999 INR for  4Days 3 Nights which includes :
      Airport Transfers(both ways)
      Hotel accomodation with Half Board
      And, some activities which you will find below
Transfer to our hotel
Rest (which I badly needed) 🙇
Sightseeing Maafushi Island - bikini beach visit
Snorkelling & Dolphin cruising(unfortunately, we didnt find any doplhins on this day) :(😔
Private Island(water bungalaws) / Scuba diving – I chose Private Island, as I badly needed a drink (Obviously Mocktail) ;), and not in the mood for a dive.
Beach volley ball with local residents and some international tourists
Day 4
Shopping  & farewell
Accomodation: Arena beach hotel , Maafushi.

Srilankan Airlines : BLR – CMB > CMB - MLE
Landed in maldives on day 1 at 8am completed all the immigration and visa (Free on arrival for Indians) formalities. From there our guide Aarti greeted us and we all took a  quick speed boat ride to the Maafushi island to Arena beach hotel, we were placed in sea view rooms. The view from the room  was just revitalizing and mesmerising . And, then it starts ....

During my complete stay in Maldives it was sunny with clear blue sky and turquoise warter, everyday with a beautiful experience of the sun rise and  the sun set.

I had so much fun with my group in bikini beach , we took some Instagram boomerang clips, we played housie and posed for multiple group-fies, we took lots of pictures(200+ obviously). I took some creative pictures with sand and water(below are the ones). Our day was spent laying on the sand, collecting shells, chilling out and just drooling around. It was pure bliss simply laying on sand and enjoying this mesmering view of the ocean.

On the 2nd day, we went ahead for some water activites. Snorkelling is just marvellous, Maafushi has beautiful marine life, starting from shoal of small fish to sting rays and sharks. The reef surrounded by calm turquoise waters can be reached within few minutes from the shore. The ocean is full of live corals in the house reef.

Its really impressive to see Nemo(Clown Fish), Dory fish(Blue Tang) and many other aquatic life swimming around me (P.S. - I am not a marine biologist to name all of them)
I spent hours and hours watching the waves and got addicted to the atmosphere. The water was so clean and transparent, which I doubt would be available anywhere else. On the very day we went to see dolphins but we couldn't find any. I just consider it to be my fate. :(

On third day we went to private island tour(Adaaran club Rannalhi) where we can see gorgeous water villas. It was like a dream come true moment for me. The views were just out of some commercial bollywood film at its best. The resort was very calming and peaceful.


We were welcomed with a stunning drink(again Mocktails) and then we headed over to explore the island. The place is really clean with great offerings in its bar, ranging from cocktails to my favourite mocktails. I had passion fizz for the first time. Having a leisure walk around the water villas feels like some scene from SRK's bollywood film. The ocean view is just stunning (belive me or just go look for yourself!). There are lot of options for the lunch, with cuisine varying from all around the world to spice up my taste buds. We played beach volleyball and the interesting thing was some locals as well as some international tourists also joined to play with us.

The shopping streets are lively and full of friendly locals. I almost spent around 100 USD(7400+ INR) for my shopping. Bought some perfume pack , bag , magnet , bottles to carry maldives beach sand , chocolates etc etc..Here is that ...

So kill Nothing - But Time ; Take Nothing - But Pictures ; Leave Nothing - But Footprints 
I was very happy and enjoyed every minute of my stay in maldives. 💗💗💜
Never ending footsteps. ........................................💙💚💛💜

Monday, May 13, 2019

Be A ITIL Foundation Certifier

Hey All,

This is My first Technical blog which I am going to share the key points what i have prepared and executed in my Industry and also for the ITIL Foundation Exam.

IT - Information Technology.

ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library.(A set of Guidelines and Policies which are becoming the standard for IT Service)

From Large MNC's (Multi National Companies) to Small scale enterprises , IT has become an integral part of Every business operations. Every IT company is following ITIL process to deliver a high expected valued service. ITIL Helps Organizations implement standard process and best practices.

ITIL helps organizations in reducing cost , improving productivity , improving customer satisfaction.

Lets start from scratch What does a service means :

Service : Means of delivering a value to the Customer.

Let us take a real example to understand the term service : 108 service , India Post.

Service is something that public needs , it can be a transport service like Indian railways ,  like Hospitals which are provided in a planned and organized way by the government or an official body.

 If an IT company or an Organization providing a particular service means , they can do a particular job or a type of work for you.

Example : I have a kitchen with lots of unique recipes at my home but i need a Platform to take it to people and to take it to the world where i could go to the IT company to design a platform/App which can make my things visible to the outside world/people. Which means they are going to deliver a service to me.

A kitchen with light gray cupboards and a white countertop, with a grey accents and lots of cupboards.

Now here comes the ITSM - IT Service Management

ITSM is the implementation and management of quality IT services that meet the needs of a business.

To implement and to manage the services in an effective way  Service management has given a
different components and multiple phases of lifecycle.

Life cycle of human beings - Birth - Kid - Teenager - Adult - Old - Death

As every human being has a life cycle , a service is also having a life cycle.
Service -  Plan - Design - Test - checking - Improving

Here are the 5 phases of Service management.

Service Strategy - Service Design - Service transition - Service Operation - Continual Improvement

Service Strategy : 

Before going to the service strategy let us understand the term strategy.

Strategy : Plan or action designed to achieve a long term goal.

It continues ................

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Software Engineer By Profession Wanderer by Passion

Hey , I am chandini(Chandu) and am thrilled to create my first new blog. 

I live in Bangalore leading My Solo Life simply, Happily.

This Blog is all about Me , My Hobbies, My travel places and the experiences that enrich me and about the strangers whom i met and made friends.

I Love Gardening, Making Crafts, Travelling around the world, Editing Pictures and Painting.

I have been to almost 9 states in India and would continue.....

I am also a huge Birder.

I Love staying up late and I love the beaches.

I love reading books , particularly Fiction..

I started to think about what i can do on my free time which is something creative and which make me to forget about the time and then i discovered a crafty,Gardener and wanderer inside me.

My Destinations :

I have traveled quite a lot in the last three years and it's been an overwhelming experience.

Captured every nature Moments with 576 Megapixels Resolution camera called human eye.....

It was a trip from my Training place - Rajastan
Largest state of India and called Land of Maharajahs. Forts,Monuments and the culture are the major attractions.Thar Desert ,Camel ride was my one of my favorites.

Gujarat - Ahmedabad - Clean and Green city - The first state which i started my travelling from - Lal Darwaza, Kankaria lake, Akshardham ,Gandhi Nagar are the most covered places.

Goa - A trip with Mumbai Buddies - The place which gave me a more affectionated and caring bestie for the life time. Beaches and the Churches are the most visited.

Hyderabad - Telangana - Hustle bustle city - Shilparamam, RFC , Malls , Food and shopping.

Gokarna - Karnataka - The place where I met a bunch of open hearted people who made me really happy And comfortable. Om beach, Sathodi Falls ,Gokarna Beach are the visited places.

Kerala - Munnar - Chilled place - The Coffee plants , Elephant ride, Kathak dance, Allepi House boat ride.

Mumbai - Maharashtra - The city which never goes from my heart - The city which i love the most - Food , Beaches, Sight seeing , Sea Link, Marine Drive , Local Trains - Aaamchi Mumbai

Chennai - Tamilnadu - Best for the beaches - Vivekananda House, Phoenix Mall , Marina beach are the visited places.

Andhra Pradesh - Papi Hills - The statecwhere i was born - it gave me the best unique travel experience till the date. Bamboo Huts stay was one of the best things in the place.

My Crafts and Painting :

Art is what you can get away with 💓💓💓

Wall Painting
Paper Basket

Paper Flowers

Paper Cup baskets

Wall circles Painting
Pencil Art
Water Color Painting

Few Pics of My Plants : 

Plant seeds of happiness , Hope , Success , and love ; It will all come back to you in abundance.


My Birds : 

Happiness is being with birds ..

It Goes on ........